Monday, July 4, 2011

Look @ Me Now...OH!!!


I know it's been a VERY long while, but I've been super busy with school, trying to finish up the last quarter and LIFE in general! But, I wanted to update you guys on what my hair is talkin bout, here's the protective style I'm rockin at the moment...

I finally decided to stop bein lazy and twist myself up...went for the mohawk style that I enjoy :) Tell me what you think...

I wanted to do smaller twists so that they would hopefully last longer, but who was I kidding?! I know my hair don't last in styles very long before I think they begin to look disgustingly frizzy and old!!! I have now had my hair up for about 4-5 days (sinceThurs., June 29) and I am tryin to make it last...I want to see what the twist-out of the middle-hawk looks like, but my poor lil twists on the sides lookin a bit ragged :(

I am also very tempted to take them down b/c I feel my hair needs a cleansing!!! I may do it
again, but with braids this time...idk, the JOYS of natural MANY options :)

So, before I go to bed, I split the hawk into three sections & band each, then I flat twist the bang portion and band the ends to keep my twists stretched. I tie it down with my satin scarf and cover with a stocking cap to keep my scarf from moving all over my head as I toss & turn throughout the night :)

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