Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Do you believe in love at first sight?  Well, I do!  From the moment I began using Oyin's Juices & Berries (and later Frank Juice), I was in love.  I think I can FINALLY say that I have found my FIRST staple company/product(s) because now I have ventured out to some of their other products...HAIR DEW & BSP (burnt sugar pomade).  OMG y'all..."I'm so in love...I found IT finally!!!!"  It really makes me wanna say O O O O O O O MY GOD!!! (I don't even like that song!!!)

I first tried the hair dew on wet/damp hair and it didn't work so hot, but on dry hair that stuff is the TRUTH!!  I love it love it love it...did I say LOVE IT??!!  Sorry, I'm just REALLY excited I finally found something that works on dry hair.  I mean it's hard enough for me to keep the water spritz in my hair long enough.  So, this is truly an accomplishment and movement past a milestone for me :)

I use the BSP to seal ends and it works great.  I see why so many people rave about this stuff.  So, my next plan is to purchase the regular size because I have been using the sample size I purchased when I reup'd on my juices & berries/frank juice and when I purchased the hair dew for the first time.  I still need to find something that will work well in combination with these two products to keep me well moisturized all day long...maybe that's where the juices & berries/frank juice will come in handy.  I normally just use those as my initial moisturizer, but I forgot they suggested to use it as a mid-day spritz...LIGHT BULB MOMENT ;-)

If you have any suggestions of things I can try to retain moisture throughout the day, please let me know...thanks in advance.

As always...DEUCES (PEACE) & LOVE!!!

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