Friday, April 1, 2011


I finally came up with a name for my kinky curls...PRECIOUS.  It fits almost perfectly...on second thought PERFECTLY!!  She's a true diva in that everything must be pampered just so!  No cuttin' corners or she will get pissed and shrivel up & get sour (dry out) on you :(  So, the utmost TLC must be given to her for her to act right...hence, the name Precious.

What is the secret behind that TLC that she so painstakingly calls for day in and day out???...MOISTURE, MOISTURE, MOISTURE!!  Once I figure out how to maintain the moisture that my Precious so desires, I think we both will be on a road to success and happiness.  So, I come to you fellow natural haircare bloggers to get some advice and ideas on how to maintain this moisture and keep my Precious diva'd up...LOL.

I would like to know what protective styles have worked for you in your journey that has helped you maintain moisture, promote growth, and is low maintenance.  If you have tutorials or videos, please share.  I love to try new things and would be interested in whatever you have to offer :-)

flat twists from the back

twists from the side (in combo w/ flat twists above)
Continued blessings on your "rollercoaster" of a journey!

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