Sunday, May 15, 2011

Say Y.E.S.!!! please tell me why I've been sleepin on this product...YesToCarrots. They have other flavors that you may be more familiar with like YesToCucumbers, tomatoes, and even berries (blueberries). I picked mine up from my local Walgreen's and at the time they only had the cucumbers and carrots, but the cucumbers was for color-treated hair, so I decided not to get it and opted for the carrots. (Today, I saw that Walmart has the whole's where the Giovanni and Burts Bee stuff is). So, glad I chose this product y'all!!!

It has my hair feeling AMAZING!!! I knew from the second I put it on my hair that I was in love...CAN WE SAY LOVE AT FIRST TOUCH???!!! I seriously think I have stumbled upon my stable condish...FINALLY! I really don't know why I kept passing this up on the shelves. I think maybe I had enough conditioners at the time and wanted to use them up or get rid of the ones I already had before I purchased more (trying to refrain from being labeled a PJ...LOL). I told other natural youtubers that it may have been because I saw somthing in the ingredients list that I didn't like (possibly the alcohol, but come to find out its a good alcohol and not one of the drying ones). Irregardless, I'm loving this, I say YES, YES, YES!!!

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