Friday, May 6, 2011

Length Check

I've never really done length checks before...don't get me wrong, I have checked in the confines of my own bathroom, but not for documentation or journal purposes. But, I thought - since this is a grow-out challenge, I might as well start or at least have a baseline for future comparison. Being that I'm a rookie at length checks, I have yet to whip out the ruler for an official measurement (but I will update soon!).

I really liked the post added to CN about NOT being discouraged when comparing your curls to others' who have the same or similar BC anniversaries because you don't know what length they actually started their journies nor their particular routines/regimens. I found myself caught up in the comparative dilemma (like SOOO many other natural sistaz!)...BUT my discouragement and disappointment in my growth led me to the point I'm at now. With all that said, the reason for this post is not only to establish myself a baseline comparater, but this is a PERSONAL challenge for myself to see how much growth I can retain over the next few months. SSSOOOOO....LEGGO!!!

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